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magofont1 is now available with German and Russian (Cyrillic) characters here: https://nimblebeastscollective.itch.io/pixel-font-mago1-latin-cyrillic-and-eye-c...

I was tired of looking for fonts during gamejams - also I've lost names and license files for the most I've had already. So I've done some pixel fonts with usefull 'icons'.

The icons are located in the unicode sections for font1 and font3 for font2 they replaced some special characters.

Unicodes for font1 and font3:

heart1 - U+005E
heart2 - U+005F
twitter - U+0060
patreon - U007B
facebook - U007C
twitch - U007D
smile1 - U007E
smile2 - U00A1
smile3 - U00A2
pacghost - U00A3
bob - U00A4
skull - U20A0


CC0 Public Domain https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/

However if you like it, you can mention me :)


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