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Coming Soon:  Downstairs at Grandma's House will be my first real commercial indie game on Steam. The main campaign however will be free to play forever. The premium DLC will provide the ability to create and play own maps as well as using the Steam Workshop. Release date: Maybe 2020

Downstairs at Grandma´s House is a classic puzzle game following the traits of the legendary arcade games. Make your way through varying and challenging levels and compete with your friends. You will have to collect all cherries in a level to open the chest where the key to the next floor is kept. On your way through the levels you will face a lot of difficult challenges and opponents. Most of the enemies are harmless and could be also very useful, while others want to see you fail.

Downstairs at Grandma´s House is freemium, while the main campaign is free, a DLC is required to unlock the level editor and custom campaigns.

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