There is a new challenger in the race for the first manned lunar mission. The Republic of Ustria. You are part of the secret service Ustria and have to steal technologies from the leading space nations to boost your own space program. The player has to infiltrate buildings, overcome security systems and take out guards in a Gunpoint like way to complete the missions.

Full Game

Thank you very much for all your feedback! Since we had a lot of fun creating this project, we have decided to keep working on it and make a full game out of it.

But to make it really awesome we need YOU! 

Why? Because this game is made just for YOU! We will need your feedback to make it even better. So please wishlist the game on Steam and fill out this survey. As a thank you, we will do a giveaway of 20 keys among all participants!

Moonshot - The Great Espionage

Links: Steam Page | Survey

Game Jam

This game is our contribution to GitHubs "GameOff Jam 2020" and "The Web Monetization Challenge 2020". With the latter we want to try out new ways to monetize games to be able to continue making pretty good games in the future. You can find more information about it on https://coil.com/. Those who use the Coil Plugin have an additional passive source of income and are not dependent on searching all cabinets for bounties.


Solve Minigames


The NimbleBeasts Collective is a small and open independent development studio where anyone can participate - worldwide.  Support us, become part of the collective and buy our games, because they are really good.

mago - PM & Pixels
knightmare - Coding
kodkuce - Coding
SpaceCastle - Music & Sounds

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorNimble Beasts Collective
Made withGodot
Tags2D, DRM Free, Pixel Art, Stealth

Development log


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really fun, good stealth. i found myself spending more time playing this game then i thought. great game, keep it u


Thank you for your feedback!


Great game, I really enjoy the style like this.

Thank you for your feedback! Btw we are going to make this a full title :)


Love your game! 

But I got stuck on my first mission, bc the intel disappeared instantly. Maybe you could add a note somewhere?

Otherwise this plays really well! great job

Thank you for your feedback! We will add it to the bugfix list :)




Awesome game and also pls tell me what game engine/library you used??

Thank you! It's Godot Engine


amei continua 


Great game!

Thank you :)


Really liked the game, very well done! Also made a gameplay video:


Thank you for your feedback! We really liked watching you playing our game :)


Nice work guys, really like the lock picking and wire snipping feature.  Fun to play, will add this to collection to come back to.  Good luck with the jam :)

Thank you :)


Hey there. Really promising game so far!

Just a comment on the controls: unless the mouse is really necessary (doesn't seem like it at this point) don't use wasd and its adjacent keys, because it's really awkward to control the game with only my left hand. It makes sense to use wasd and E, F, Q etc when the right hand is on the mouse but not here. Instead use arrow keys and any sequence of keys from Z to C and the row above. This is my suggestion, at least.

Thank you for your feedback! We are considering it for the next release!

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great jobs

Thank you very much :)


Yo bro! Cool graphics! Also nice controls.. Target of the game is not clear from the bet though! But nice one nonetheless!


heyo i found alot of bugs i couldnt get past lvl 2 because it kept crashing

if you go to the vault open it and use the menu to close the vault you can no longer open the code screen

when you get game overed on lvl 2 by one of the lazers guarding the vault it crashes

(2 edits)

oh and also hello competition lol

Thank you for your feedback! I guess we fixed it for now :)