Nimble Beasts Collective

You and your loyalists are fleeing an enemy army. Survive at all costs, together.
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Stealth platformer game settled in the 60s moon race era
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Physics-based "puzzle" platformer
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Small music biz simulation inspired by classic simulation games. NimbleBeasts - Monthly Game #2
Celeste-like platformer with a little twist by NimbleBeasts
Why start every Game Jam from scratch? This Boilerplate kickstarts your Godot project. Focus on the important things!
Free asset pack for dungeon based platformer with a bit of outter cave experience ;)
Roll and Write Puzzler for the Godot Wild Jam #17
Card Game
Jump between bodies to save a prisoner
FTL stripped down to core mechanics. Play as legendary Blackbeard, Hawkins & Morgan in the Caribean Sea.

Nb: Game Jam Essentials for Godot Engine

An essential Collection for Game Jams using Godot Engine. 3x CC0 Pixel Fonts with common used Icons, Godot Boilerplate, Platformer Tileset 16x16 incl. Player Character.